Ground Zero offers the opportunity to explore the meaning and practice of nonviolence from a perspective of deep spiritual reflection, providing a means for witnessing to and resisting all nuclear weapons. 


MLK (Occupy Trident) Day

Published on January 4, 2012 by

“OCCUPY TRIDENT: The billions spent on nuclear weapons are needed to house, feed and care for each other – not threaten the world with annihilation” is the theme as Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action honors Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy with a vigil and nonviolent slots direct action on Saturday, January 14, 2010 at Bangor, Washington.

Join us as we honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy by Occupying Trident and working for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

For over thirty-four years Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action has engaged in education, training in nonviolence, community-building, resistance against Trident and action toward a world without nuclear weapons.

For more information on the January 14th event: See The Events Calendar, or contact Alice Zillah at (360) 357-7705.

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