About Trident Nuclear Weapons

Ground Zero works to stop production of the US Navy's next generation ballistic missile submarine.

The SSBN(X), as it is called by the Navy, will cost nearly $100 billion to build 12 submarines. Built to replace the existing Trident fleet, this new sub will continue to hold the world under the threat of massive nuclear war to nearly the end of this century.

Since the fFall of the Berlin Wall, the OHIO Class Trident ballistic missile submarines have become the central, and most important, element in the US nuclear triad. Based on the New START treaty signed in 2010, roughly 70-percent of the U.S.’ nuclear warheads will be deployed on Trident submarines. Trident has the ability to move undetected while on its deterrent patrols, and can be stationed in strategic locations in the North Atlantic where its missiles would have a very short flight time to Russian targets.

The NO To NEW TRIDENT Campaign seeks to stop the construction of New Trident and to re-direct those funds to human needs. 

NO To NEW TRIDENT is focusing on defunding the project through a concerted advocacy/lobbying effort with our legislators in Washington, DC.

NO To NEW TRIDENT is a serious, grass-roots campaign started by concerned citizens who care about our children's future. We believe that there is no future in our continued reliance on (and the continued existence of) nuclear weapons, and that the Trident nuclear weapons system is a critical place to start the disarmament process.

NO To NEW TRIDENT needs YOUR involvement. Experience has taught us that our government does not have the will (or perhaps intention) to make good faith efforts toward disarmament. It is time for citizens to raise our voices to make it happen. It will take a groundswell of public pressure to convince the decision makers to scrap New Trident and spend that money on human needs.