If We Can Risk Nuclear War, We Can Risk Nuclear Disarmament

Save the Dates: August 12th through August 14

Ground Zero Center will hold its annual remembrance of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with a full weekend of events.

Starting on Saturday, August 12th we will have the second annual Boats By Bangor in which a full flotilla will sail by the Bangor Trident submarine base. Boats will launch from King Spit, and following the flotilla will be a beach picnic, followed by an evening concert at Ground Zero Center by folksinger Tom Rawson.

On Sunday, August 13th we have a full day that will include nonviolence training, updates on nuclear weapons issues, music, and preparation for Monday’s action.

On Monday morning we will have a vigil and nonviolent direct action at the Bangor base.

Ground Zero will also participate in the annual From Hiroshima to Hope lantern ceremony at Seattle’s Green Lake on August 6th.

Click here to view and download the full-page event flyer. A quarter-page version is also available, and is great for handing out. Click here for the quarter-page version. 

Send your questions to info@gzcenter.org.

Ground Zero August 2017 SCHEDULE
72nd Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings

Wednesday, August 2
Peace Fleet greets US Navy on Seattle waterfront; noon on the water; 1:00 PM on land; location TBD

Sunday, August 6
From Hiroshima to Hope, Green Lake Park, Seattle

Friday, August 11
6:00 PM – GZ Center house open; BYO dinner
7:00 PM – Private screening of Helen Young film “The Nuns, the Priests, and the Bombs” for cast, crew & GZ community

Saturday, August 12 “Boats By Bangor”
9:00 Continental breakfast
(Activity managers oversee watercraft transfer from Ground Zero Center to Kings Spit, Old Bangor)
10:00 Welcome, registration, review of safety procedures for “Boats By Bangor” activity; sign-up list for GZ House chores
11:00 Welcome gathering for arriving Peacewalkers
11:30 Potluck lunch
12:30 Carpool to Kings Spit
1:00 Launch kayaks with powerboat support
4:00 Kayaks/boats return to Kings Spit; barbecue picnic
5:30 Post-picnic cleanup & packout
6:00 Move boats off beach
6:30 Coffee and dessert at Ground Zero Center
7:00 Tom Rawson concert
Post-Concert: Collective Cleanup

Sunday, August 13
9:00 Breakfast & registration
10:00 Welcome & orientation to Ground Zero by Marianne Mabbitt
10:10 Briefing by Ground Zero and WPSR member Dave Hall on Trident issue
11:00-11:45 Keynote speech: Video presentation by author/antiwar activist David Swanson with follow-on discussion moderated by Elizabeth Murray
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Cleanup
1:00 Nonviolence training
2:00 Choosing roles, discernment & action planning for those considering risking arrest
Letter-writing, sign-making, or peace crane-folding, possible vigil in Silverdale (TBD)
4:00 Role-playing scenarios to rehearse for action
5:00 Affix peace cranes to fence bordering naval base
5:30 Dinner & cleanup
6:30 Hank ‘n Claire concert

Monday, August 14
5:30 Light breakfast & cleanup
6:15 Check-in for those risking arrest
6:30 Gathering Circle
7:00 AM Action at naval base
9:00 AM Closing circle/debriefing


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From Hiroshima to Hope

This year on August 6th, as we have every year since 1984, people will gather at Green Lake in Seattle for the annual lantern floating ceremony honoring victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all victims of war.

From Hiroshima to Hope has been created by local peace, faith and community organizations every year since 1984, The Seattle event is the oldest and largest anywhere outside Japan.

Learn more at http://fromhiroshimatohope.org.

From Hiroshima to Hope is also on Facebook.

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Peace Fleet Meets War Fleet

Local activists will stage a water-based nonviolent protest against the glorification of weapons of war at the Seattle Seafair festival. Peace activists will meet the U.S. Navy fleet in Elliott Bay.

Other peace activists will meet on land at Waterfront Park on the Seattle waterfront at the same time for a nonviolent demonstration against weapons of war. The rooftop of Pier 66 is closed to the public this year, and Piers 62/63 are construction areas.

All are welcome to participate, either on land or on the water.

What: Peace activists at Seafair. This is the sixteenth year for this demonstration.

When: Wednesday, August 2, noon, Peace Fleet in Elliott Bay. Demonstration on land at Waterfront Park (just south of the Seattle Aquarium) at 1 PM.

Where: In Elliott Bay, near Pier 66. Demonstration on land at Waterfront Park (just south of the Seattle Aquarium.)    

Email info@gzcenter for details on participating on the water. Boats may be docked earlier in Bell Harbor Marina on August 1 or in the morning before the Navy fleet arrival on August 2.

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For a Nuclear-Free World – In Respect for All Life

“The religious basis of the non-violent movement was laid
as far back as more than 2,000 years.“ Ven. Nichidatsu Fujii

Sun. Jul. 30 – Mon. Aug. 14

Corvalis-Salem-Portland-Olympia-Tacoma-Seattle-Bainbridge Is.-Bangor/Ground Zero Ctr. + 8/6 Hiroshima Day Lantern Ceremony in Seattle


7/30-31 Sun-Mon Gathering & Walk in Corvalis OR
8/1 Tue Salem
2 Wed Portland
3 Thu Chehalis- Centralia WA
4 Fri Olympia
5 Sat Olympia
6 Sun L.F.P.- Seattle Lantern Ceremony
7 Mon Rest Day Bainbridge Island
8 Tue Steilacoom – Tacoma
9 Wed Seattle(Kubota Gd-Sadako)
10 Thu Port Townsend
11 Fri Bainbridge Is.- Suquamish
12 Sat Poulsbo- GZ & Old Bangor
13 Sun Ground Zero Center
14 Mon GZ Action & Prayer at Bangor

Click here for the detailed schedule for each day.

All are welcome to participate – for an hour, a day, or any portion of the walk. Please bring minimum baggage or backpack. One or more vehicles will be used to shuttle personal belongings, and to assist walkers as needed. Please also bring eating utensils and your nonviolent spirit.

Contact: Rev. Senji Kanaeda 206-780-6739 or 206-724-7632(cell.) kanaedasenji@gmail.com
Nipponzan Myohoji Temple 6154 Lynwood Ctr. Rd, NE Bainbridge Island WA 98110

Sponsors of this annual Interfaith Peace Walk include the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order,
Catholic Workers, Ground Zero Center For Nonviolent Action for Peace, Lake Forest Park for
Peace, Indian people Organization for Change(CA), Veteran For Peace (ME & the others),
Footprints for Peace(OH, Australia).

“Many people don’t know war.” An African American veteran, Allen Nelson, who was sent to Vietnam as a Marine Corp soldier said this many times. He becomes an avid peace activist and said that people who don’t know war don’t know what wars really are, unlike US veterans, innocent victims in Vietnam and Iraq, people who died or were seriously burned in the Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings, indigenous people who were stripped of all they had, and even people like an actor, John Wayne and others who were “down wind” of nuclear testing here in the US and Bikini atoll and were exposed to radiation that caused their deaths many years later. The politician who created this vicious cycle would never become victims. Given our history, if we never experience wars in our life time, we are fortunate.

“Wars & catastrophe are closer than you think: yet wisdom or super medicine that would help us avoid wars are also within our reach.”

The 20th century was called the century of wars, but the 21st century has never been more peaceful than its previous times. Many people are desperately searching medicine to cure our hunger for wars; this medicine has been prescribed by Buddha, Christ, our ancestors, our own grandparents, retired soldiers, and even young children in our neighborhood for a long time. Why doesn’t this medicine fix the problem of people in power?

“This will be the 13th peace walk in Pacific Northwest. We walk, listen, share the voices of survivors.”

For the last 12 years, we have been walking in OR, WA, CA, NM, & BC. Our tie to the Marshallese community in Salem has been strengthen through walking and praying with them. The steps that we take are small, just like a ripple in a pond, but it is certainly a way to reach the peaceful outcome on the earth. We will walk about 15 miles a day. Participants walking even one day, one hour, or talking at our evening potluck are all welcome. Bring personal gear and smile with you! “The smallest contributions gratefully received.”


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GZ 40th Birthday Party and Reunion

The 40th anniversary of the founding of Ground Zero is a good time for activists from all eras and each of GZ’s decades to get together to share experiences, review aspirations for GZ, reflect on accomplishments, and have some fun.

Everyone is invited! We expect folks from the Pacific Life Communities, Live Without Trident, Armistice, Agape, peace walkers, fence climbers, tracks vigilers, USS Ohio blockaders, Wednesday overnighters,pagoda builders, leafleters, potluckers, plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers, Bangor workers and fellow travelers. It’s a chance to reflect on what drew us to GZ, to catch up with friends, and to create an oral history.

Bring photos, archives and artifacts. We will make time to visit the fence or gate. We all run into friends from time to time who have GZ connections, but don’t get the newsletter and haven’t been back in years. Please share this invitation with all your Ground Zero associates far and wide. Contact your affinity group, dig out your GZ tee shirts and buttons and plan to show up! The potluck starts at noon, but come early to explore the grounds and stay for dinner and music. Campers are welcome at GZ.

12:00 potluck lunch
1:00 panels:
1:00 to 2:30 Conceptualizing BGZ & Founding with first five years
2:45 to 4:15 Coming of the Ohio and Trains
4:30 to 6:00 Limbo: Reimaging, Reinvigorating, Restart; New Buiding to Present; and What Does This All Mean?
6:00 Potluck
7:00 Song

Click here to view, download and print the event flyer.

If you are coming from a distance and need a place to stay contact Mona Lee(mona_lee@centurylink.net)

For transportation from the Edmonds/Kingston ferry contact Mary Gleysteen (marygleysteen@gmail.com) by July 23.

If you have ideas for panel discussions or other activities, please contact Sallie Shawl (awestruckbigtime@gmail.com) and be sure to put GZ reunion in the subject field.

See you July 30th!

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