Nonviolence Is the Answer! Vigil at Bangor

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action will host a vigil at the Bangor Trident submarine base, honoring the legacy of nonviolence (and vision) of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Ground Zero Stewardship Council will have its monthly meeting beginning around 11:00 AM; all are welcome to join us for the meeting.

We will have an opening circle around 1:00 PM in preparation to leave for the Bangor Main Gate, about a 15 minute walk.

We have signs and banners that we will bring along for the vigil. Just bring your nonviolent spirit, and join us as we continue to bear witness to the insanity of the continued existence of nuclear weapons and Trident’s central role in US nuclear weapons policy (and the threat of nuclear annihilation).

After the vigil we will walk back to Ground Zero Center for a closing circle.

Email info@gzcenter or with your questions.

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Below is one version of the Pledge of Nonviolence that we will recite together during our opening circle before leaving for Bangor.

In preparation for nonviolent presence at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor today, I commit myself to:

  • Refuse to engage in verbal abuse or physical violence.
  • Pledge not to bring or use any drugs or alcohol other than for medical purposes.
  • Carry no weapons.
  • Refuse to retaliate if injured.
  • Maintain a spirit of openess, friendliness and respect toward police officers, court officials, and all others I encounter.
  • Share my message of peace with clarity.
  • Listen with my heart fully present and alert.
  • Remain gentle, never righteous or hostile.
  • Keep in mind that transformation and conversion to peace must begin with my own life.
  • Sustain this discipline throughout all consequences, even under the legal violence of the state.
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GZ Celebrates MLK Day

Ground Zero Center will be celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr’s nonviolent legacy by joining with thousands of others at the 2016 MLK Seattle Celebration on Monday, January 18th. The event begins at Garfield High School in the morning, and culminates with a march (starting at Garfield High and ending at the Federal Building) that starts around noon.



 This year’s theme is WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE CHANGE.

We will be joining the march with banners and signs, and will be handing out leaflets about our work to abolish nuclear weapons. We will gather shortly before noon along 23rd Avenue on the grassy knoll in front of the school.


Here is the schedule:

Workshops: 9:30 to 10:50
Rally: 11:00 to 12:30
March 12:30

Please plan to join us if you can; this is so much more than a national holiday. Dr. King was a prophet who, nearly half a century ago, was warning us about the folly of our ways. Today his words ring as true as they did in 1968 when, just hours before he was assassinated, he gave his “Mountaintop” speech in which he said, “It is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence in this world; it’s nonviolence or nonexistence.” Help us bear witness to those words.

Here’s the link to the MLK Seattle Celebration website.

Send questions to

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Pacific Northwest Interfaith Peace Walk

Honoring MLK’s Dream January 14-18, 2016 Investing in Peace and Justice; defeating Racism & Militarism

Every step is a prayer for peace. This annual peace walk is an opportunity for all people to walk, live and learn together in a nonviolent, spiritually-motivated action. Peace walkers will average about 13 miles per day. We welcome all who are sincere in walking and communing in harmony and nonviolence. Walkers can join for an hour, a day, or the entire walk. We will spend evenings with communities on the route, singing, conversing, watching documentary films, and relaxing. We appreciate any contributions of food, water or accommodations.

Walkers will gather on the evening of Wednesday January 13 at the Nipponzan Myohoji dojo on Bainbridge Island to meet each other and spend the night. The walk starts on January 14. The route will include Bainbridge Island, Ground Zero, Indian Island, Port Townsend, Port Julia/Sklallam, Kingston, Edmonds and Seattle.

The schedule may change with conditions so please check in with us if you are joining at any point.

Jan. 13 Wed. evening- Gather at Nipponzan Myohoji Dojo, Bainbridge Island
Jan 14 (Thurs) 8:30 am=-Bainbridge Island to Ground Zero ( some driving/ 12-14 miles)
15 Friday 9am- start Indian Island; walk to Port Townsend (12.7mi)- overnight in PT
16 Saturday 8:30 am- (start tbd) To Point Julia and Kingston: overnight in Kingston
17 Sunday- 7:55 am ferry to Edmonds; walk starts 8:30 to LFP or Seattle (overnight in Seattle)
Jan 18 Monday11:30 am -Join Ground Zero and community members for Martin Luther King Jr. Day march through Seattle

For more information contact:
Senji Kanaeda Ph:206-780-6739, 206-724-7632(cell)
Gilberto Perez Ph: 206-419-7262

Nipponzan Myohoji Bainbridge Island Dojo
6154 Lynwood Center Rd. NE Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

The Peace Walk occurs just before the 70th anniversary of UN Resolution 1 (1) which calls for ‘the elimination from national armaments of atomic weapons and all other major weapons adaptable to mass destruction.’ UNFOLD ZERO is promoting the anniversary as a time to act for nuclear abolition. The Nipponzan Myohoji Bainbridge Island Dojo endorses the Joint Statement of Legislators and Religious Leaders for a Nuclear Weapon Free World.


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